Molded Interconnect Device

Molded Interconnect Device - Select  Connect Technologies , a Division of Arlington Plating Company, utilizes a Molded Interconnect Device to construct a Molded Interconnect Device on an injection molded component. 

Traditional manufacturing processes to attach circuit pathways to an injection molded component do not allow for the creation of a Molded Interconnect Device due to the inherent limitations of 2- dimensional options such as rigid circuit boards and flex circuits. 

With our process, utilizing a laser, we scribe a pattern on an injection molded part with the pattern following the 3D contours of the part. The surface that has been scribed with the laser is activated, due to a special additive in the polymer, and when the part undergoes our patented SelectConnect™ plating process with electroless copper, electroless nickel and immersion gold, the resultant Molded Interconnect Device conforms exactly to the laser pattern. 

By creating a true Molded Interconnect Device directly on the plastic component, the designer now has freedoms previously unavailable. These design freedoms allow parts consolidation, weight reduction, miniaturization, reduced assembly time, improved reliability, and overall system cost reduction.
Key markets and applications for this Molded Interconnect Device include medical, automotive, aerospace, military, RF antennas, RFIDs, sensors, security housings and connectors.
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